Helena Shave

Wide Horizon by Helena Shave for Three Counties Open 2022

Painting by artist Helena Shave titled Wide Horizon by Helena Shave for Three Counties Open 2022.

Artwork Size: 20 x 60 cms

Recycled beach plastic fragments on board

This picture is 2ft wide x 7ins. high It is a collage of a seascape, made with pieces of plastic collected from the beach. I haven't cut up or changed the pieces, they are used as found, broken and worn by the sea. In the picture the sea is all shades of blue and green, the cloudy sky is grey and white. On the horizon are 5 brightly coloured sails of small and faraway yachts. The centre of the horizon is empty of sails, but brighter as if lit by the sun from behind the clouds.

I gained a degree in Craft Ceramics from Bristol Polytechnic, I then went on to teach in the South East, and the Midlands. For a number of years I was active in the Suffolk Craft Society before relocating to Staffordshire where I currently live. Now no longer teaching I concentrate on my passion for creative work. My original collages using washed up plastic from our beaches have been shown widely including many craft fairs and exhibitions. I have work in private collections in the UK and the USA. My current work is all collage based; made with pieces of plastic and wood collected along the tide lines of beaches in the UK. I love the way they are worn and changed by the sea and salt. I don’t cut anything up, or change them – I search through my collection for the pieces which are right for the image I am making. My inspiration comes from the pieces themselves which suggest what they could become in a picture. I have always had a keen interest in the environment, I hope my pictures also raise awareness of the damage our throwaway society is doing to our seas and beaches

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